Here is your digital copy of the script! Please begin to read over it ASAP. It looks like there was an issue at the Copy Center, and we will have scripts in on Thursday morning! High School Musical JR Script

Forms from Info Meeting on February 4th

KLMS Musical Company Information
ZAXBY’s: Credit Card Authorization Original Order Form
HSM T-shirt Order Form
High School Musical Rehearsal Schedule


Congratulations to the cast and crew of High School Musical JR.

Once again, Mr. Browns and I would like to thank and congratulate ALL who came to audition this week. You guys are all amazing, and we wish we were able to cast everyone. We are always impressed by the talent, professionalism, and spirit you all show us at each audition.

Before you open the cast list, take a deep breath and remember to be grateful for all you have…no matter the outcome of this middle school production.


So, because of your immense talent, we’re going a little crazy!! You guys literally had us in a place of indecision, so we have added a Saturday Matinee performance at 2:00pm on the 27th. We will be double casting a few roles to show off the CRAZY talented theatre students here at Kelly Lane.

One. Last. Thing.

We are always happy to give feedback! However, we do respectfully request that all students and parents wait one week to request that feedback. Wiser directors have suggested that students are more open to the critiques after a short waiting period…

If you have been cast, there is a parent information meeting on Monday at 6:30pm in the cafeteria. We will be reviewing expectations, food options, communication, and we will answer any questions you (and your parents) may have. This will also be your role acceptance. We would love to have as many parents as possible there! However, we understand that your parents may be unable to make the meeting. Please come see me during Catapult to get the information packet for you and your parents to review AND to sign your role acceptance. If you do not accept role your by the end of the day Monday, we will be making calls to other students to replace you.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take care of your responsibilities! Students, at the meeting please bring a 1-inch binder with a transparent front with a pencil bag inside. This will be for your script. All music is being uploaded to Google Drive for you to begin rehearsing. We will go over all other info on Monday at 6:30 pm in the cafeteria!


High School Musical Company List


KLMS Musical Parent Information Meeting-
Tuesday, January 22 @ 6:00pm.

Auditions for the KLMS Musical will be:

Tuesday, January 29
Wednesday, January 30
Thursday, January 31

Callback Auditions: Friday, February 1

Students should sign up for only one day to audition. We will audition until the last student has finished. All materials must be completed in order to audition.

The musical audition packet can be found here: HSM Audition Packet

Your step-by-step information can be found here: HSM Step by Step

ACTORS: Please fill out the Google Form here: Musical Google Form- ACTORS

TECH CREW: Please fill out the Google Form here: Tech Crew Google Form

The link below provides audition music for the 2019 KLMS Musical, “High School Musical Jr.” Everything is divided by character, including the audition sides. Please remember that you MUST be logged into your PfISD Google Account in order to access the Google Drive. Any e-mail addresses requesting permissions will be denied access due to copyrighting.

High School Musical Jr. Audition Songs

Here, you will find the rubric by which we will be scoring student auditions: High School Musical Jr Rubric

On the directors’ end, here is what we will see: HSM Directors’ Sheet

Audition Sides and Lyrics: (Music MUST be accessed through Google Drive)

Audition sides for individual characters are listed below by character name. Ensemble auditions do not require any reading. The roles of Ms. Darbus, Coach Bolton, and Jack Scott do not require any singing. The roles of James, Susan, Cathy, and Cyndra are “bad auditions” during the musical. Those roles will not be required to sing with the music. Terrible a capella singing will be fine. Remember—if you’re auditioning to be awful, sell it!!

chad singing


coach bolton and ms darbus

ensemble singing

gabriella singing

jack scott

james susan cathy and cyndra singing

kelsi singing


martha singing


ms darbus

ripper singing


ryan and sharpay

ryan singing

sharpay singing


taylor singing


troy and gabriella

troy singing

zeke singing


KLMS is proud to present the 2019 Musical:

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